Towards Mediating Shared Perceptual Basis in Situated Dialogue



报 告 人:刘昌松

报告题目:Towards Mediating Shared Perceptual Basis in Situated Dialogue

摘要:In situated dialogue, although an artificial agent (e.g., robot) and its human partner are co-present in a shared environment, they have significantly mismatched perceptual capabilities (e.g., recognizing objects in the surroundings). When a shared perceptual basis is missing, it becomes difficult for the agent and the human to establish common ground and communicate effectively. The work presented in this talk focuses on computational approaches to enable robust and adaptive human-agent communication in situated settings, including graph-based approaches for referential communication, learning methods for mediating perceptual differences and mapping language to videos of real life tasks, and software architecture for building situated dialogue agents. All these approaches contribute to the ultimate goal of building collaborative dialogue agents for situated interaction, so that the next generation of intelligent machines/devices can better serve human users in daily work and life.




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